Pet Shops or Internet sites and are often accompanied by false claims such as, “We’d never sell puppies from a puppy mill” or promises that the puppies are “home raised,” farm raised,” or “raised with kids/grandkids.” The ploys of the puppy mill are designed to dupe a well-intentioned family into buying a puppy and keeping the engine of cruelty working overtime. Learn how to avoid buying a puppy mill puppy at the Puppy Buying Tips page on The HSUS “STOP PUPPY MILLS WEBSITE”. »


A Rare Breed of Love is a book that was inspired by “Baby,” an abused puppy mill survivor who lived through a 9-year ordeal in order to become a “national spokesdog” to raise awareness about cruelty in the dog breeding industry.

On the day Baby was scheduled to be killed- because she had gotten too old to breed- she was rescued by a passing stranger who was dubbed the “Drive-by Angel.”

Eventually Baby found a forever home with the book’s author Jana Kohl, who was inspired to tell the world about her ordeal and hopefully reform this cruel industry. God Bless Baby & Jana and all the other puppy mill dogs out there waiting to be story

Thanks Oprah


Oprah’s Show Takes Aim at Puppy Mills
Part One….

Part Two…..

Main Line Animal Rescue

But the real thanks goes to Main Line Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania.

Main Line Animal Rescue is known for not only their work in rescuing animals, but also their fantastic, edgy billboards.

They plunked the billboard below right near Oprah’s studio, plainly asking her to tape the show on puppy mills.

They pictured a Beagle in a dishwasher to show USDA cage sizes.